Fly Fishing Comes To Life With Freshwater Fly On KS

March 28, 2019 - 4:30pm

Freshwater Fly is a new highly thematic fishing game currently on Kickstarter from designer Brian Suhre (Coldwater Crown) and Bellwether Games. In Freshwater Fly, 1-4 players try to catch sets of fish cards from a river made up of a grid of 6x3 cards using dice drafting. First, players cast into the river, placing the casting token on a fish card in the column corresponding to the die drafted. Under the column are colored hatch tokens, and if the player's chosen fly matches the color of a hatch token, they can draw a strike card. Strike cards indicate whether a fish has taken the bait. If the fly fails to attract a fish, it drifts down the river. However, if a fish is hooked, play proceeds to the beautiful rondel on the player's board.

This rondel has an attached spinner, which when coupled with a wooden hatch token, looks like a fly reel. Players advance the spinner by drafting dice, getting closer to catching the hooked fish. The battle is between the strength of the fish and the value of the drafted dice, with players advancing the difference on the rondel. The gained finesse of the player, bonus action cards, and momentum tokens all help to finally catch the fish. The game ends when one player has landed 7 fish, and points are scored for card sets. Freshwater Fly comes with a game board, 4 reel boards, 12 flies, 4 strike cards, 48 fish cards, 9 dice, 60 hatch tokens, a large casting token, momentum tiles, hatch tiles, and a cloth bag. The Kickstarter for Freshwater Fly continues through April 25, and the game is expected to deliver in September 2019.

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