Upgrade your gaming table with Overpowered Game Mats

March 27, 2019 - 6:35am

We don't talk as much as we probably should about must-haves in the gaming room. Part of the hobby isn't just the games, but how we facilitate them as hosts for game nights, and stuff like comfortable seats, lighting, and drinks are essential. What many will also tell you is some kind of padding on your table is also vital, because it's not just nice - padding protects your table and your cards while also muffling loud dice rolls. That's where this Kickstarter we're highlighting today comes in: Overpowered Game Mats are premium padding for your table or topper custom made to fit any style, size, and shape without any hassle.

"We precision-cut each and every custom game mat with high-end machinery.  Our default shapes are circles, squares, and rectangles, but we can do other shapes such as ovals, hexagons, octagons etc. [...] You can upload your own image, choose any solid color, or select from one of our artwork files!  However, we are unable to print copyrighted material, which includes game boards, movie artwork, sports team logos and more."

If you've ever tried searching for just the right kind of padding for your table in a quick and affordable way, you've already traveled down that rabbit hole of trying to get the size or color right. Overpowered sidesteps all that by making exactly what you want with any non-licensed image or color your heart desires, with great 3 mm thickness and optional edge stitching. Their online tools make ordering a breeze and totally takes the headache out. Backing on Kickstarter nets you an early-bird discount on these mats, so now's the time; if you're in the market for anything like this and would like to find out more about Overpowered's custom mats, visit their campaign page for full instructions, FAQs, reviews, and updates.

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