Wizkids Brings Popular Japanese Horror Game Hako Onna To English Audiences

February 27, 2019 - 6:31am

Wizkids has announced the first English version of the popular Japanese horror game Hako Onna ("Box Woman", or "Lurking Girl") by designer 江神 号 (Go Ejin). In Hako Onna, one player plays the titular evil spirit, hiding in a randomly constructed house made of 9 tiles, waiting to kill the other players, who are unsuspecting visitors. The visitors have to search the house for items to help defeat the ghost, or keys to escape the house. The Hako Onna moves in secret, masquerading as an object in the room while the visitors close their eyes, except when she screams, revealing her location but allowing her to play a powerful card. Visitors on their turns use a dexterity mechanic to stack "noise tokens" while searching. If the stack falls or gets too high, the noise alerts the Hako Onna, who immediately gets a turn, much to everyone's chagrin. For more information check out the press release here, and Wizkid's dedicated Hako Onna page here. Expect the English version of Hako Onna to come to stores in September 2019.

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