Alley Cat Games Starts KS For Drafting Game Chocolate Factory

February 27, 2019 - 6:23am

Alley Cat Games has started a new Kickstarter campaign for the drafting and engine building game Chocolate Factory by designers
Matthew Dunstan and Brett J. Gilbert, the excellent team which designed Elysium (2015) and Pyramids (2017).

In Chocolate Factory, 1-4 players take turns drafting employees for their factory, as well as new machines to manipulate the chocolate coming down the line. Players draft in a first-to-last, then last-to-first manner, ending up with one employee for the round and one machine which lasts for the game. The real meat of the game lies in the conveyor belt, a push-through line of tiles which moves chocolate across the factory floor one space at a time. Tiles enter from the left with a single cocoa bean, but coal can be used to activate machines adjacent to each tile, converting beans to cocoa, fingers or chunks, wrapped candies and assortment boxes. Players get to push up to three tiles through the factory per round, converting as much as their coal allows. Additionally, employees can give bonuses to production, and extra pieces can be "burned" to make more coal. Finally, players sell their finished chocolates either to their local corner stores, fulfilling specific requests, or to the large public department stores, but only to the one store associated with their employee that round. Chocolate Factory combines drafting with strategic engine building as you try to collect the most money in 6 rounds.

The game comes with 4 double layered player boards, 1 ledger and score board, 30 conveyor tiles, 124 wooden chocolate pieces, tarot sized department store cards, 35 employee cards, 54 corner store cards, 30 factory machine cards, coins and markers, plus a solo mode. The Kickstarter Campaign for Chocolate Factory continues through March 13, and the game is expected to deliver in October 2019.

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