Cryptogogue wants to shake up card gaming with a crypto-backed TCG

January 18, 2019 - 3:38pm

Crypto-currency is pretty big right now, and mostly only a part of the financial world, but could that same kind of technology be used for board gaming?  Cryptogogue thinks the power of the blockchain can be leveraged for a trading card game to completely change the landscape of the game.  How it would do that you ask?  Well the blockchain is basically a list of records that is public and wide spread that records transactions between parties efficiently, permanently, and makes them easily verifiable.  With that you could apply it to a trading card game to create an environment where you can trade and sell cards all over the world from your very own home or FLGS, while reducing the possibility of fraud to nearly zero.  Add in a print-on-demand system and you can then take these digital cards into the real world and play with them.  There are even more benefits where you can take physical cards and scan them into the digital space, and you would be able to easily search records to see what cards were used by players in a tournament per say.  Overall this technology could change TCGs dramatically, but it first has to be tested with a game. That is the second part of Cryptogogue's plan, they will be leveraging this system in a new trading card game called Volition, a spiritual successor to the now dead game The Spoils.  The Spoils was a well received game and if not for bad timing in seeking more funds (they sought financing right before the 2007 financial crash) might still be in play today.  Volition will be a more streamlined and improved game and is said the be "accessible like Hearthstone,” yet more “skill-heavy, like The Spoils and Magic: The Gathering".  Volition will only be hitting beta this year in the first quarter, but if things go well you may be seeing more of the game as it is deployed.  You can find out more information from the interview on CryptoSlate, or you can go join Volition's forums to get in on the action.