Anthelion: Conclave of Power

January 14, 2019 - 6:51am
Now on Kickstarter is a 2-player tactical battle card game, Anthelion: Conclave of Power. This wallet game has a playtime of 20 minutes and is for ages 10 and up. Designed by Daniel Solis, the game builds on the foundation of another wallet game, the two-player influence manipulation game Avignon: A Clash of Popes. In the game, players choose a side, Liberation or Dynasty, and will use abilities on location and character cards to pull the characters to their side of the table and push the unwanted ones to their opponent.  Once a card is past the threshold of the players' home base, the card is gained. Whoever reaches 10 points of influence first is the winner. The Kickstarter rewards start with Print and Play, and go to a copy of the game, a copy of the game plus the Android expansion pack, future expansion packs and a playmat. More information on the Kickstarter can be found here.