Hasbro Releases Monopoly Pizza

December 16, 2018 - 9:50am
Hasbro has announced the newest iteration of the perennially loved or hated board game, Monopoly Pizza. In Monopoly Pizza, players take up one of six metal pizza-centered pieces (give me the parmesan shaker please), and round the familiar looking board, complete with Free Parking and Jail. However, instead of properties, players collect pizza toppings, and although there is still money in this version, the goal is to gather pizza slice tokens when other players land on their toppings. Color sets of "properties" translate to combo sets of toppings, such as a veggie lovers' pizza or a BBQ pie. The game comes with board, 6 tokens, 16 pizza cards, 16 each of chance and community chest cards, 64 cardboard pizza slice tokens, money, dice and instructions. Don't wait, Monopoly Pizza is for players 8 and up, and is available right now.

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