Fireside Games Announces My First Castle Panic

December 16, 2018 - 10:15am
Fireside Games has announced a new addition to their popular line of Castle Panic games, My First Castle Panic by designer Justin De Witt, targeting kids aged 4+. This new version of Castle Panic has 1-4 players trying to catch monsters advancing on the castle, and features gorgeous art from Cam Kendell (Dungeon Dice). The new play style requires no reading or heavy counting, instead using color and shape matching on cards. On their turn, each player draws a card, then either plays one card from their hand, or asks another player for help. To catch a monster, players must play a card with the same shape and color as a space containing a monster. After playing, the monsters advance one space along the clear path to the castle, and a new monster token is drawn. Monster tokens can denote special monsters, such as runners that move more quickly. Players win cooperatively if all the monsters are caught, or lose together if the monsters manage to knock the castle flat. My First Castle Panic teaches problem solving, matching skills, and taking turns, all in the framework of a cooperative (everyone wins or loses!) game. Look for My First Castle Panic in stores March 2019.

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