EXIT Kids: Code Breaker aimed at a younger audience

December 16, 2018 - 9:53am
EXIT Kids: Code Breaker has been released in Germany from publisher, KOSMOS. Unlike the existing EXIT games, this one is aimed squarely at kids as it provides 60 puzzles with 4 levels of difficulty. Players, aged 7+, are young detectives who work together to crack the code of a big, electronic lock. The detectives are given a UV lamp, a red filter, and a mirror to aid in solving the puzzles. The game allows for 1-4 kids who do the puzzles in two modes. In "Timer" mode they give themselves a time limit of 5 minutes per puzzle, while in the "Chrono" mode they simply aim to do the puzzles as quickly as possible and try to get their best times. There are 20 double-sided hint tiles which provide clues for each puzzle and, once the correct ones have been found, create a number code which is entered into a provided lock. This lock will either open or have players search for another solution. At the time of a writing, a release date for the US market had not been provided. More information about the game (in German) can be obtained from the EXIT Kids: Code Breaker product page.
Antoine Fortuin

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