Glyph Chess - The Magic Board Game on Kickstarter

November 20, 2018 - 2:27am

Glyph Chess is a tactical board game for 2-3 players adapted from the Tales of Tarsylia, Chinese comic book. The game is 3 years in the making by Bluepiper Studio, a design company based in Vancouver. The primary designer is Liu Xiao (known for co-designing Herbalism). Expected play time is 30-60 minutes for players aged 8+.

"Please allow us to welcome and introduce you to the first magical board game in this world: Glyph; Which can only be played by the most powerful wizards. Glyphs are relics from ancient times. It is said that they were discovered in a mysterious ruin, by the greatest wizard in history, Tisslair. Tisslair deciphered the rules of Glyph and recommended it to all his wizard friends." [source]

Like standard Chess, each character on the board has its own unique skills. The objective of the game is for a player to get their Scepter Piece to the center of the board or eliminate all enemy players' Scepters. On a player's turn there are 3 steps. In the Awakening Step, the player will gather magic resources such as Glyph Coins and roll Glyph Dice. During the Action Step, the player will either remove a character piece or cast a spell by consuming Glyph Dice or Glyph Coins. Finally, in the Reset Step, the player will re-roll any Glyph Dice used then pass those on to the next player as their resources. The 3rd player pieces are an expansion add-on for the game. Backers who suffer from from color blindness can pledge for the 3rd player expansion, then inform the game producers in a survey at the end of the campaign that they should paint the expansion pieces with a special color. This is Bluepiper Studio's first Kickstarter. The Glyph Chess Kickstarter project runs until Monday, December 10th, 2018.  Expected delivery of Glyph Chess is November of 2019, and the project has already reached its funding goal with over 300 backers. You can see The Dice Tower's preview of Glyph Chess done by Mark Streed for more information.
Antoine Fortuin

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