Rallyman: GT hit the Kickstarter circuit

November 16, 2018 - 6:11am
Time to get the old motor running, as Holy Grail Games bring back a popular title from nearly 10 years ago. Giving it a new interior, a chrome finish and a faster engine, with the help of the Kickstarter crowd. Rallyman has been reworked by the original designer Jean-Christophe Bouvier, into this new version called...Rallyman: GT . After Rallyman sold out, it created a dedicated fan base, that developed and grew in to a large community of players. Creating challenges and championships to compete in. And not only that, players also designed courses and built 3D maps to replace the static boards that came in the base game. This also inspired a sequel, in the for of Rallyman: Dirt.

  Rallyman: GT is a Roll and Move game with a simple yet exciting dice mechanic that invites players to push their luck and navigate the terrain as best they can. Will you take a risk and squeeze every last second out of the track, or will you play it cool and avoid spinning out on hard corners, bumps and other treacherous terrain? The game remains basically the same, as it was a race against time. But only one player. Yes, the game was at it's core a time attack, race game, just like real Rally racing. So what changes can you expect to see in this new version?
  • Hexagon based track tiles that give you complete freedom to build your own tracks!
  • A head to head racing system where you'll have to outdrive your opponents on the way to the finish line.
  • Larger scale tracks and cars for a better playing experience.
  • All new artwork from award winning illustrator Loic Muzy.

So, whether your a fan of the original and need some new components or your looking for a new racing experience, this game should have you covered. The Kickstarter is here


You can also check out a preview video that I did.