Meeples Together – a book about cooperative games – is on Kickstarter

October 30, 2018 - 7:47am
Have you ever wondered how and why cooperative board games work? Well if so, this new book – Meeples Together: How and Why Cooperative Board Games Work – is for you. From Gameplaywright, the publisher of The White Box, the book is written for people who play, discuss, critique, design and just generally love cooperative board games. Meeples Together is a 384-page, 6" × 9" trade paperback with more than 150 illustrated figures. It is also available in digital editions, including a tablet-optimized PDF version, an Epub version, and a Kindle (.mobi) version.

What's in the book?

Meeples Together contains 14 chapters about the nature, mechanics, theory and frontiers of cooperative gaming. It contains 14 in-depth case studies of cooperative gaming’s greatest hits — from Pandemic and Battlestar Galactica to Contract Bridge. These case studies are used to demonstrate the concepts and ideas presented in the chapters. Top level table of contents Foreword by Matt Leacock Chapter 1: The Basics of Cooperation Chapter 2: Styles of Competition Chapter 3: Styles of Teamwork Chapter 4: Styles of Cooperation Chapter 5: Cooperative Systems Chapter 6: Challenge Systems Chapter 7: Players Facing Challenges Chapter 8: Players Undertaking Tasks Chapter 9: Adventure Systems Chapter 10: A Theory of Cooperative Gaming Chapter 11: A Theory of Challenge Design Chapter 12: When Games Go Wrong Chapter 13: The Psychology of Cooperative Gaming Chapter 14: Assembling the Puzzle Appendix I: The Basics of Game Design Appendix II: Game Design Dilemmas Appendix III: Game Design Types Appendix IV: Game Design & Social Theories Appendix V: Cooperative & Teamwork Game Synopses & Reviews Meeples Together is already fully funded and the Kickstarter campaign runs until November 18th. Stretch goals include extra case studies and a soft-touch cover, among others. Unfortunately, the campaign is not yet internationally friendly but depending on funding, it might become a possibility.