Ready Set Battle Zombies!

October 29, 2018 - 6:49am
Now on Kickstarter is a card game that is ready to put the BRAINS! in battle. In Ready Set Battle Zombies by Mark Kiedrowski, players are either the zombies or the human.The humans must defend against the zombie attacks, with military strength and the zombies must try to make bigger and better attacks each turn, and try to turn opponent's cards into zombies. Players use character cards to attack others, and upgrades to improve those characters. Instants can be played at any time. Gold tokens are received from gold cards and missions, and the gold tokens are used to buy other cards. The winner is the player that gets their opponent's life to zero. The core set comes with the zombie deck and the human deck, including 18 character cards, 20 starter cards, 3 instant cards, 18 gold cards, 15 upgrade cards, 2 elite cards, and 10 mission cards, as well as, tokens and dice. The expansion is anime-themed, that allows for healing and deal damage over time, as well as 2 secret elite cards. It includes 9 character cards, 9 upgrade cards, 10 starter cards and 9 gold cards, as well as tokens. More information about the Kickstarter can be found here.