Street Masters Aftershock brings beat 'em up to your tabletop

October 24, 2018 - 6:14am
Brothers Adam & Brady Sadler (known for co-designing Star Wars X-Wing and Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game), have designed an expansion to Street Masters. Its on Kickstarter right now and adds 4 new fighters, 4 new stages, and 2 new enemies. Street Masters is a 1-4 player, cooperative board game inspired by classic fighting video games like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage. All fighters and enemies have unique decks and custom dice and each game is setup using a modular system. Street Masters Aftershock also adds Missions and Showdowns.

"Ransom City is no more. A missile strike from an unknown origin has turned it to rubble, killing millions in the process. Those that survived emerged from the destruction only to be greeted by V.A.N.D.A.L.; a mysterious mutagen that had terrifying effects on those exposed." [source]

The mission deck speeds up multiplayer games by allowing players to gain powerful mission tokens which can be used in other players' turns to support them. Showdowns are a new type of story deck which adds a villain working against the fighters and can be used in the story mode game. Enemy upgrade cards are also included in the mission decks and can be used to increase difficulty in arcade games. Street Masters Aftershock also comes in a huge storage box which holds all existing Street Masters content with ample room for future content. The Super Street Masters Combo Tier includes all existing content for the game but backers can also pledge for the Aftershock (only new content) and Street Masters (core box content) tiers. The Street Masters Aftershock Kickstarter project is almost completely funded and will end on Tuesday, November 20th, 2018. The expected delivery date for all pledge tiers is October of 2019.

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Antoine Fortuin

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