Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Men of Hawkshold on Kickstarter

October 11, 2018 - 6:09am
The Men of Hawkshold is the 1st reprint of the Battleground Fantasy Warfare system, which was designed by Robert DoughertyDarwin Kastle (both co-designers of Hero Realms and Star Realms), and Chad Ellis.

"Hawkshold is a disciplined, combined arms faction. It has the flexibility to field a variety of armies.  Your Spearmen can be a redoubt for a strike wing of Lancers.  Or they can be the rampart protecting the Longbowmen who rain destruction upon your enemy. Or your Lancers can form the core a rapid attack force alongside Knights and Scout Cavalry." [source]

Battleground Fantasy Warfare is a two-player (or two-side, if multiple players want to ally) tactical game without miniatures.  Before the game, you build an army from the units in your faction which portray your warriors and their characteristics as cards. Units have points costs and the total cost of all units can't exceed the maximum points for each side. Players build their armies, deploy their units, and assign them battle orders. Each player has a limited ability to command their army once the battle begins and the player with the better plan can use their commands to inspire or enchant their units in combat. The Men of Hawkshold Kickstarter project has multiple pledge levels ranging from backing only the faction itself, or multiple factions for more players to join in. Funding will end on Tuesday, November 6th 2018 and the estimated delivery is December of 2019. The project is currently at a little over 25% of its funding goal.
Antoine Fortuin

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