Games to play during Halloween!

October 1, 2018 - 11:06am
Halloween is fast approaching and what a better time to play some fun-spooky games with the family. Here's two wonderful games that we feel would be a wonderful experience to get in the mood for Halloween.


Ghostel, by Tinkerbot Games and designed by Bevan Clatworthy, is our first game to talk about. It was highly acclaimed by Tom and reviewed here. It's a semi-cooperative game for 2-4 players where you play ghosts attempting to scare visitors out of  g"Hostel"!

"During the day, new people will enter the hotel whilst those who already spent the night and survived will calm down from their twilight visitations. Meanwhile, the ghosts are hiding in the attic, preparing for the next night by buying more Terror Dice, Scare Tactics to improve their scaring and Spookie favours to give those extra little bonuses. During the night, the ghosts walk the rooms, using all their creepy tactics to frighten the humans away and show off for Spookie himself. At the start of the night Phase, each player rolls their Terror dice to determine how scary they are for that night. Players can move one room per turn, leaving behind a Terror die as they move. If the total of all dice in a room exceeds the courage of the human in residence of that room, they're scared out of the hotel! Players then score based on who placed the highest scoring dice; however, scoring is graduated so even a single pip die will still score the canny player some victory points."

Not only is the artwork great - but the component quality is superb. The ghost figures are solid and feel real solid in the hand. The cardboard tokens are sturdy and the dice and cubes are what one would expect from a quality game. Ghostel is easy to learn and a great game to bring to the table during Halloween. More importantly, if you purchase the game and use coupon code dicetower20 you can get 20% off the game!!


Here's another game, from Mattel and designed by Brian Yu, is a cooperative game where you play young treasure hunters braving a haunted house to escape with gems. This is a wonderful game, also sporting really nice components and wonderful art.

"In Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters, a.k.a. Geister, Geister, Schatzsuchmeister!, four intrepid treasure hunters are on a quest, searching for precious hidden jewels, but the phantoms in this house do not give up their bounty easily. As their ghoulish numbers grow, the treasure hunters must work together to acquire all eight jewels and escape the house before it becomes fully haunted or else face their own gruesome demise."

Ghost Fightin' was reviewed by the Dice Tower here. Recently, Mattel released an expansion to the game (reviewed here) that adds two additional rooms and a "ghost king" mechanism along with a few new mechanics to make the mission quite a bit more difficult. So if it's a little too cold outside for trick-or-treating---or if you want to get a few games to play with the family to get you in the mood for Halloween - you're sure to not go wrong with Ghostel and Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters!