Golden Bell Studios is making Parenting Easy with their new game on Kickstarter

September 28, 2018 - 6:37am
Golden Bell Studios is partnering with Lunarbaboon, the well known comic artist whose comics are all about the ups and downs of parenting and being a parent, to create a new book and a new card game.  The book is the ABCs of Parenting, which has hilarious illustrations for each letter with both the parents and the kids acting out the word associated with that letter.  They are also offering a plush version of the anxiety troll, a character from the comic that is the embodiment of anxiety.  But what I am sure you, fair reader, are more interested in is the card game that is being Kickstarted at the same time. The Parenting is Easy Game has you playing the role of kids trying to drive the parents crazy, but just not too crazy.  In the game you will be playing cards to move different characters up and down the insanity track, with their positions indicating how many extra or less chaos cubes you get to place on the board later.  Then you will roll a tantrum die that will randomize an additional bump either up or down for all characters and then you start placing cubes.  Each part of the house is worth different points and also has a different number of spots to place cubes.  If you color has the majority in an area at the end of the game you get those points, and you get bonus points if you hold all the spaces of an area.  Then it's just a simple count to see who has the most points and is the winner. A pledge for the game will run you $35 plus shipping, but there are also myriad other pledge levels to get the book, plush, and other goodies.  Plus the higher the funding goal goes, the more cards get added to the game with illustrations done by other well known web comic artists, so check out the Kickstarter page today.