Mayday Games brings a Viceroy expansion to Kickstarter

September 26, 2018 - 6:45am
Soon you can take your Viceroy to the next level with the Viceroy: Times of Darkness expansion, which contains three modular game modes. In addition to the expansion content, the box contains revised law cards for the base game and new game modes for one and two players.

The game modes

In the Aristocrats module, you can gain new aristocratic characters that give no rewards on the first level but have additional special bonuses. These 12 Character Cards are shuffled into the deck and there are four new Laws that are designed to work well with them. The Invasion module contains Enemy cards, Battle cards for each player and thematic laws. The Enemy cards stack together, forming four lines of costs and rewards, and they attack players' domains on the 3rd, 7th and 11th turns. To defeat these invading enemies, players must pay gems and the more gems you pay, the bigger reward you receive. The new Law cards interact with Enemy cards and Battle cards. If a player doesn’t repel the invasion, they get a penalty card. This module contains 22 monster cards (of three tiers), three law cards and four combat cards. The Underworld module lets players build their pyramid DOWNWARDS. Outlaw cards form a separate deck and on their turn, a player may draw an Outlaw card instead of gaining two gems. These cards are played in Phase 2 and should be placed under the first row of the pyramid. The cost for playing the Outlaw card is Judgement tokens, which contain different penalties such as negative VPs, negative modifiers or obligations to discard specific tokens. The unique rewards include relocating a Character card in the pyramid, gaining diamonds (wild gems) or dealing with Judgement tokens. This module contains 24 criminal cards, three law cards, 32 judgement tokens and 15 bribe tokens.

Revised solo and 2-player rules

In the 2-player variant, two new multicolor auction cards from the expansion are used in place of usual four auction cards. Multicolor auction cards can be placed with any side up but all four colors must be present. During setup and after each auction, only two character cards are revealed instead of four. During the auction, players choose between two auction cards. When bidding, a player may select any of two colors featured on the chosen auction card. If both players have chosen the same card (even if their gemstones are of different colors), they have to return the gemstones to the reserve without gaining cards or agree upon who gets which card (if there are two cards next to the chosen auction card). Solo uses the same setup as 2-player. There is no need for virtual opponents, just discard the corresponding gemstones and gain the chosen cards. At the end of the game, gain three power points for each sword token and two power points for each shield token. These bonus points are in addition to the usual points gained at the end of the game. This US, EU, Australia and Canada-friendly Kickstarter campaign, runs until October 15th. Various pledge levels are available, some including the original base game. The campaign is already funded and games are expected to ship in June 2019. Watch some Dice Tower coverage of Viceroy.