Z-Man lets costumed cockroaches loose on the dance floor

September 26, 2018 - 6:37am
Z-man Games has announced a light, quick family game. In Party Bugs, players will attempt to control a wild cockroach disco party. Keep your party under control by shooing the big pests to your opponents' side of the dance floor and keeping the smaller bugs close by. Each round, players will take turns playing a card face down in front of them. Then, the cards are flipped and new bugs join the dance floor. The player with the lowest-value card will take a bug already dancing around the disco ball. Once everyone has taken a card and no more bugs are on the dance floor, the new bugs can show off their moves. Players have thirteen rounds to try and push the biggest, most annoying bugs over to their neighbors while taking the smaller, less disruptive bugs for themselves.

"Going to a costume dance party, of course, requires a costume! Costume stores for cockroaches have limited options and these party bugs grabbed the thirteen most popular for the party. Showing up to a party in the same costume is frowned upon though. If a cockroach shows up with the same costume as another, both bugs will leave the party and go home in embarrassment."

Party Bugs is a 15-minute party game for 2-6 players ages 8+. Z-Man Games is taking pre-orders for this zany incect-palooza now. The game will be released in late 2018.