Campaign For New Keyflower Card Game, Key Flow, On KS

September 24, 2018 - 6:15am
Richard Breese is well known for creating the Key... series of games, starting with Keydom (1998), Keytown (2000) and Keythedral (2002), but best known for the highly regarded Keyflower (2012), which currently ranks an impressive 44 on BoardGameGeek. Now Breese, along with Sebastian Bleasdale and Ian Vincent at R & D Games, have started a Kickstarter Campaign for the latest in the series, Key Flow. Key Flow is a card game, in which 2-6 players create their city by laying building cards, lining up roads in a top row, and the river on the bottom. Buildings on the road can be activated with "keyple" cards, which dictate both how many times keyple cards can be played on each building, and whether the building involved can be your own, or a neighboring opponent's. Activating a card can upgrade buildings, generate resources, convert resources, or transport resources along the road. Game play itself is by drafting, playing a single card from your hand, then passing the remainder of that season's cards. Played cards are revealed simultaneously, and the game lasts 4 full seasons, after which points are totaled. Winter cards provide the goals, which include resource collection, keyple card colors, and animal types printed on played cards. Key Flow comes with almost 200 cards, 180 wooden resources, and numerous tiles and tokens. The Kickstarter Campaign for Key Flow continues through October 11, and the game is expected to deliver in November 2018. Check out the site for pictures, rules and a great instructional video.

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