Feeling like a zombie? Jellybean Games is offering Brains! on Kickstarter

September 26, 2018 - 6:35am
Brains! is a card game for 2-5 zombies, suitable for players 8+. Brains! is a fast-playing card game, in which players race to be the first to reach 21 points or more. The rules are straightforward and easy to learn. Each turn you can either play a card, draw two cards, or bury the top card of the deck. Cards can be played as a treasure or as an action, while all buried cards move to the top of your graveyard. Cards in your graveyard can have ongoing effects, or trigger special abilities when they enter. Two expansions are also available during the Kickstarter campaign. The Burial expansion offers 14 new cards, allowing you to protect your graveyard treasures, draw four cards and even draw cards from your opponents' graveyards. The Treasure Hunter expansion is an add-on set containing three unique expansions that work with any game in the Treasure Hunters series. They can be played individually or all at once, whether you’re playing Brains! by itself or combining it with the other games in the series. Brains! is the third game in the Treasure Hunters series; a set of games that can all stand alone, or be shuffled together. The two previous games – Scuttle! and Ninjitsu! were both successfully funded via Kickstarter! Quite a few pledge options are available, some offering previous Jellybean Games titles as well. All pledge levels include a special promo card – Captain Bluebeard – who allows you to swap your hand with your graveyard.  Brains! is designed by Peter C. Hayward (Dracula's Feast and The Lady and the Tiger), with art by Kelly Jo (Hidden Panda). A free print-and-play version of the game is available at jellybean.games The Brains! Kickstarter campaign runs until October 18.