Gary Ray, FLGS Author And Scholar, Announces FLGS: The Card Game

September 21, 2018 - 9:42am
Gary Ray is a fantastic guy to know about. Not only does he run one of the finest game stores I've had the pleasure to shop and game within, but he also keeps up a blog about the nuts and bolts of running a game store. The blog has lead to the definitive book on the subject, Friendly Local Game Store: A 5 Year Path To A Middle Class Income. Now one of this country's leading experts on the correct and incorrect ways to sell games, has announced a card game based on the crazy customers found in the hobby. FLGS: The Card Game will be "basically a Guillotine knock off", in which players collect customers, including the highly sought after alphas and angels, and the less than desirable vultures and parasites, and everything in between. The purpose of the game is to show the amusing spectrum of insanity that are board gamers, with the players taking on the roles of store owners, and the cards representing customers. For more details on the game, you can read the description in Gary's own words here. FLGS: The Card Game is in the early planning stages, and no release date is imminent.

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