Foxmind Announces The Potion Microgame

September 16, 2018 - 2:40am

Foxmind Games has announced The Potion, a light fast bluffing and bidding game from designer Kaspar Lapp (Magic Maze) about alchemists creating the coveted potion. In The Potion, 3-7 players each start with 2 beetles, 2 mushrooms and 2 vials. Each turn, players roll custom dice, which show symbols for the three ingredients on each face. After considering the dice, players secretly select an ingredient type from their stash. The players then reveal their "bid", and if the total number of one ingredient held by all players equals the number and type of symbols on one of the dice, involved players can discard that ingredient into the potion bottle. If a player picked an ingredient that does not appear on any dice, and no players were able to discard as above, then they are allowed to discard their ingredient. Finally, if all players qualify to discard ingredients into the bottle, then no players may discard into the bottle. The winner is the first player to be left with only one ingredient type in hand. Expect this fast microgame to release at Essen Spiel 2018, October 25-28.

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