Gate Keeper Games off to a roaring start with their latest dice Kickstarter

September 12, 2018 - 12:23am

Gate Keeper Games are no stranger to making dice as their previous dice campaign, halfsies dice, we a great hit and delivered on some neat coloring combos.  So this time around they are taking things a bit further by adding more layers in their latest Kickstarter for reality shards, neutron, and supernova dice sets.  The reality shards takes the halfsies concept and adds one more, color that is, with the ends being one color, the center being another, and another sandwiched between.  This creates a very cool layered look to them that is sure to impress. Supernova dice take the halfsies dice you know from before, and "blows out the middle", essentially adding a layer of perfectly clear material in the middle to create a see through effect.  This is more of a next step for halfsies as the same color combos you loved before will be used to new effect here. And finally we have almost the exact inverse to the supernova, and that is the neutron dice sets.  There are perfectly clear dice with a single color layer right in the middle.  This creates a wonderful effect as you see the layer of color through the clear ends, giving it an outer space like feel. All of these dice look great and are priced at $11 for each set of 7 with options to get additional d6's, mini d6's, and additional d10s.  Check out the Kickstarter page for more information, and back now before it ends on October 9th.