The "Jasper" gaming table is on Kickstarter now

September 11, 2018 - 6:31am
The Jasper is a board gaming table with a 3' x 5' playing area that comfortably seats six people. There are 3" wide armrests around the perimeter of the table, creating a recessed arena to play your games. This keeps your bits on the table even if when you are making your power dice rolls (admit it – they do sometimes get out of hand). The play area of the Jasper is a removable one-piece padded, polyester felt surface. It is about 6mm thick with a rigid back so that it lays flat without bunching. It is soft and smooth so cards slide across it. Every table comes with a gray play surface. Additional colors will be made available as stretch goals are reached and extras can be purchased.

Extra options

Integrated cup holders and a dining topper, which makes your gaming table into a normal dining room table, are also available. The dining topper is easy to remove and spill resistant – due to a tongue and groove design with a rubber gasket. There is even an option for a wing shelf that sits inside the playing area to provide a flat surface for snacks and other gaming essentials. Matching chairs might be a stretch goal. The Jasper is a solid wood table, built to last. It is available in two wood types – a dark walnut color and a light natural color. If you have other needs, an unstained, unfinished version can be requested. You must assemble the Jasper yourself, but it is designed to be easy to assemble and foolproof. The only tools you will need are your own Phillips head screwdriver and an Allen wrench, provided with the table. This Kickstarter campaign is running until October 12 and the first tables (they will be completed in batches) are expected to be delivered by the end of this year. The base table price is $599. Add a dining topper and the price is $898. The tables will only ship to the US and Canada and there is Canadian-friendly shipping. The Jasper is made in the US by, which previously produced the Duchess gaming table.