Dark Domains by Laboratory H On Kickstarter Now

September 6, 2018 - 10:53pm

Delve into dark fantasy and please the Necromancer with Dark Domains a euro-mechanic, worker placement game. Take on the role of a secretly evil city leader who is trying to build your domain and transform it into a place of darkness and evil. Use minions, spells and more to strengthen your domain and cripple your enemies.  Collect resources and take actions to become as evil as you can before you die. But beware, the Torin Company adventurers,  a conglomeration of exasperating do-gooders are out to thwart your plans, destroy your efforts and break down your domain! Be the most evil at the time of demise and you will have found favor in the eyes of the Necromancer and will exist as one of the everlasting undead. Dark Domains is on Kickstarter until September 30, 2018.