Asmodee UK introduces 'Fun Fast Games'

September 2, 2018 - 9:38am
Fun Fast Games is a collection of quick, easy to learn and (most importantly) fun games from Asmodee UK. They are travel-friendly games that the whole family can play together. Each of the games in the range can easily be taught and understood by players at all levels of experience. Here's just some of the games in the line-up.



A simple card game of speedy observation – find the one matching image between two different cards. Features five exciting mini-games that will test players' ability to spot it quickly! Dobble on BGG (also known as Spot It!)

Cobra Paw

Roll the dice to get a pair of colored symbols and quickly spot and grab the tile with the matching symbols. The first player to claim six tiles wins! Be careful though – tiles that have already been claimed can be snatched away as well. Cobra Paw on BGG

Who Did It?

Someone’s pet has left an unwelcome – and stinky – surprise on the carpet, but whose animal is at fault? Players try to pass the blame onto other people’s pets in this fast-paced game of memory and deduction! Who Did It? on BGG