Dwarves with Swords (and beer) on Kickstarter

August 25, 2018 - 2:45am

These dwarves are leaving their hammers behind and picking up swords (and beer) in this tactical board game of drunken brawling. Dwarves with Swords takes you below ground, where you play as these under-mountain dwellers fighting each other for the best beer brewing locations. Group customization A game of Dwarves with Swords starts before the dice even hit the table. Using the four Dwarf classes – The Broadsword, The Brewmaster, The Magesword and The Longsword, players create two groups of nine Dwarves each. Each class has its own specific strengths and weakness so it is important to build groups that work well for your play style. Formation is also important. Most of the Action Cards used during (drunken) combat requires that the dwarves be in certain formations. Remember, your dwarves don't move once the brawl begins! Once you've decided on the formation of your Groups, build your Army in the Player Grids. Let the brawl begin!

"Each player gets to use one Attack Action, one Defense Action and one Move Action per round. Those Action Cards determine how you crush your enemies, chase down any stragglers (bravely) running away and protect yourself against attacks from your foes."

Battlefield tactics Combat is a dice-chucking affair. Take the number of dice listed by the stat on the Action Card you played, roll them and finally, line them up and compare them, lowest to highest, to your enemy. The high roll in each pair wins! Count your success and deal damage based on the Action Card you played. As you might have heard from your Dwarven friends, beer is power! Dwarves use beer in battle to increase their Drunkenness (of course)! Each point of Drunkenness increases the group's combat stats but, on the other hand, decreases its Speed. However, be a responsible drinker! If a group reaches a Drunkenness level equal to or greater than it's Memory, the group Blacks Out and is removed from the board. Dwarves with Swords started as a simple idea between two board-game-loving brothers during their college days. One of the brothers, Earle, revisited the idea in 2017 and now the game has been play tested by over 100 people. Although it has been through many iterations, it remains true to its core: a silly rhyming name and many dwarves clashing on a battlefield. Dwarves with Swords is for 2-4 (or even 6) players ages 14 and up. It has a 30-minute per person playtime. The game is on Kickstarter until September 18th. If funded, further stretch goals include miniatures and scenario/objective tiles. Expected delivery is April 2019.