Caverna: Cave vs Cave enters the Iron Age in new expansion

August 21, 2018 - 6:37am
Lookout Games have announced an expansion to Caverna: Cave vs Cave called Caverna: Cave vs Cave - Era II: The Iron Age. Cave vs Cave is a shorter, 1-2 player version of Caverna: The Cave Farmers (which is not compatible with this expansion), where each player has dwarves excavating the side of a mountain to create living space and dig for precious metals. It's designed by Uwe Rosenberg with art by Klemens Franz and plays in 30-60 mins. In this expansion 4 new rounds are added where iron is added as a new raw material. Iron ore must be mined with donkeys before it can be processed into iron bars, and then, into weapons. There are also 21 new facilities, an extended cave plan to allow for the new buildings, and thus 8 new building sites, and the addition of a score block. The 4 new rounds follow the 8 rounds of the basic game (known as the first epoch) but for those who want to get straight into the expansion, a Quick Start variant has also been added which starts in the Iron Age (the second epoch) and provides for a shorter version of the game. Fear not Uwe Rosenberg fans! This does not mean that your opponent will raise up a dwarven army and send them hurtling into your cave in a bloodthirsty attack. The designer has promised that no direct confrontation will be allowed in this expansion. According to the Lookout Games website, Caverna: Cave vs Cave - Era II: The Iron Age is expected to release October 2018.
Antoine Fortuin

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