Wizards of the Coast is introducing a new way to get into Magic via the Spellslinger Starter Kit

August 16, 2018 - 11:09am
Wizards of the Coast has, for a few years now, been making efforts to ease any barriers to enter Magic: The Gathering. Players really are spoiled for choice in that area - there already are many video games that feature guided play and starter decks galore. As of October 5th, the trading card game giant is innovating a slight degree by combining guided play with physical decks via Spellslinger Starter Kits. As described via their news post:

"The Spellslinger Starter Kit will contain two 60-card decks, two quick-start learn to play guides, a booklet featuring the world and rules of Magic, two cards to help players get started with each deck, and two spindown dice. [...] The decks will be ready to play out of the box—meaning they're meant not to be shuffled. The card included on the top of each deck will walk players through starting the game with predetermined steps for the order the decks come in."

These are an excellent way to jump start an interest in Magic as well as teach in a more natural, hands-on way. Not everyone learns a new game easily by a rulebook or YouTube video, and the setup for the kits allows for two players to learn at once! The cards featured in the decks are nothing to scoff at either, and they even feature some as-of-yet unrevealed cards from the upcoming Guilds of Ravnica set. The Spellslinger Starter Kits will be available at all retailers where MtG cards are sold, so if you or anyone you know are interested in learning via this streamlined experience be on the lookout for one of these at your favorite store.

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