Craft Your Hero in Call to Adventure: Stormlight

August 9, 2018 - 10:19am

Hot on the heels of a Kickstarter campaign that will see The Reckoners board game hitting retail stores this fall, Brandon Sanderson has announced that his Stormlight Archive novel series will be the basis of an upcoming card game using the Call to Adventure game system. The Stormlight Archive is a series of epic fantasy novels written by Brandon Sanderson, author of The Reckoners and Mistborn series. Three of the planned 10 novels have been published and are set in Sanderson's Cosmere universe. Call to Adventure: Stormlight will be released by Brotherwise Games in the fall of 2019, according to Sanderson. The system on which this card-driven "hero-crafting" game will be based is Call to Adventure, now on Kickstarter, which allows players to choose their path and achieve their destiny. Acquiring traits for your hero and facing challenges alongside your allies will be interwoven into an epic storytelling experience that isn't just about victory points, although those are important, too. The Call to Adventure system is designed by Chris and Johnny O'Neal, who also created Boss Monster, a card-game homage to classic 8-bit side-scrolling video games. Visit the Dice Tower for a How to Play Call to Adventure in 5 Minutes video by the Rules Girl. Brandon Sanderson posted the following in a Facebook announcement of the game:

"The team here at Dragonsteel have had a chance to play and really enjoyed it. It’s a fun game with unique mechanics and beautiful art. The Call to Adventure base game is inspired by classic fantasy tropes, but the Stormlight version will feature all-new cards that bring Roshar to life."

Random factoid: Brandon Sanderson intended his Cosmere universe to be a "hidden epic," where multiple fantasy novel series would be connected together through a shared cosmos based on the same rules of magic. The reality that his novels shared a universe was supposed to be clouded in mystery for years until the similarities began to come together as more and more books appeared. However, he credits his enthusiastic readers with figuring things out by the time his second book was published.