Game of Thrones Expansion - There Be Dragons

August 3, 2018 - 11:05pm
From Fantasy Flight Games, The Game of Thrones board game gets a new expansion with Mother of Dragons. With a brand-new sideboard, the game brings the Free Cities of Essos to the fight for the Iron Throne. The board fits alongside the Westeros board. The House Targaryen has a new goal for the game - to uncover the remaining Targaryen loyalists and rally them against the current holders of the Iron Throne. The House does not earn victory points by capturing castles and strongholds, but tracks the number of territories loyal to their House. If they have 7 on the victory track, they win the game. Daenerys’s three dragons come into play in the game as a new unit type. The dragons cannot be mustered normally, and they remain in play from the beginning of the game until they are killed. Each dragon acts as a single land unit, attacking, defending and obeying the same rules of supply. They have the ability to fly nearly anywhere in Essos or Westeros. As the game progresses, the dragons grow in strength, starting at zero and ending with  a strength of 5. With new character cards, an overlay of the Eyrie, two new Houses and matching map pieces, increases the maximum number of players in the game of thrones to eight. A new vassal system allows fewer players to play with unused Houses as neutral parties that each player can command and manipulate. Find out more about the game here