Titans Seek Unity in New Crisis Expansion for DC Deck-Building Game

August 2, 2018 - 11:27pm
There's another crisis in the DC Deck-Building universe, and the Teen Titans are responding to the call! Cryptozoic Entertainment and Warner Bros. Consumer Products have announced release dates for the upcoming Crisis Expansion Pack 4 for the DC Deck-Building Game. The expansion will be available as a limited release at Gen Con, August 2-5, while the retail release will follow closely on August 8, 2018. Crisis expansions for the DC Deck-Building Game can be combined with any base set to provide additional gameplay elements, including a cooperative mode, new keywords, and fresh mechanics. Crisis Expansion 4 focuses on DC's Teen Titans, a team of younger heroes, as well as the Titans, original Teen Titans who've grown up. "Unity" is a new keyword in the set that encourages teamwork, benefiting from Ongoing Unity cards that your teammates have in play. The emphasis on teamwork is strengthened by Personal Crisis cards that affect only one player, but could threaten to bring down the entire team if not dealt with collectively. Crisis Expansion Pack 4 is for 1-5 players, ages 15 & up, with a playtime of 60-120 minutes. The set was designed by Matt Dunn and Richard Brady, and requires a copy of the DC Deck-Building Game, or one of the other base sets (Heroes Unite, Forever Evil, or Teen Titans), to play. The expansion contains 32 main deck cards, 12 Personal Crisis cards, 13 Super-Villains, and 14 oversized Super Heroes. The 8 Crisis Super Heroes showcase Teen Titans like Raven and Superboy, while the 6 non-Crisis Super Heroes feature the Titans: Nightwing, The Flash, Donna Troy, Arsenal, Omen, and Tempest. If you are attending Gen Con, Cryptozoic's booth (#601) will have limited quantities available for sale before the retail release on August 8. Random factoid: the Teen Titans lineup (Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven) made popular by the 2003-2006 animated series is quite different from the earlier comics incarnation (Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Wonder Girl) of the Teen Titans in the 1960s.