Terrors Of London hits Kickstarter

August 1, 2018 - 11:47pm
Be the first to own the night in Terrors Of London a Victorian horror deck-building game. Take on the role of Overlord and summon terrible creatures of the night to do your bidding! Mix the factions of Beasts, Mortals, Spirits, and Undead to form powerful hordes. Collect relics to gain abilities! Plunge your opponents life to zero- and you've won!

Terrors of London is a competitive deck-builder with a Victorian horror theme. Each player will assume the role of an Overlord, each with a unique ability and two unique influence cards. Throughout the game players will add monsters from four different factions (Beasts, Mortals, Spirits, and Undead) to their deck, all of which can form hordes for powerful combos. Players will also procure marvelous relics, which they may immediately use for their unique abilities. The first player to reduce their opponent's life to zero wins the game and claims the night.

Terrors Of London offers unique game play in the hordes strategy providing opportunities for more diverse deck building over picking just one faction,  and in turn card drawing is limited. Add to this the fact that money is scarce and you could cut the tension in this game with a knife! Terrors Of London is available on Kickstarter until August 19, 2018. With an amazing theme and intriguing game play this might bring the Overlord out in all of us!