Tim Fowers' Sabatoge on Kickstarter

July 26, 2018 - 12:27am

Sabotage is a game played in teams of 2- spies vs. villains. The villains are aiming for world domination with their weapons of mass destruction. The spies need to stop them by infiltrating their lair. This game is completely asymmetrical - both sides play completely differently. According to the designer Tim Fowers (Burgle Bros, Paperback, Getaway D- river,Sabotage has a high learning curve and some intricate mechanics. Besides being completely asymmetrical the game play is also very strategic and each teams actions are hidden from the other (the box transforms into a divider- so no peaking!) The characters also have many abilities to unlock for tons of replay-ability.  The game is set in the Burgle Bros universe and has some of those well loved characters with a whole new look! Sabatoge is available on Kickstarter until August 15