Ganymede: a space odyssey

July 28, 2018 - 10:03am
From small time publisher Sorry We Are French, come a game that takes the idea of Splendor and pumps in some Sci-Fi theme.

Ganymede is a card drafting game where you will be transporting mankind into the star, ship by ship, while building up your corporation as you go. You can claim to be Weyland-Yutani or Blue Sun, and no one would bat an eyelid. Each player will have their own board, depicting Earth, Mars and Ganymede.  The object of the game, to get as many of your scientists, colonists, leaders and other types of useful human launched from Ganymede, into deep space.

You will select two scoring cards to place on the two spaceports situated on Ganymede. Each port has a prerequisite for types of humans needed, before it can blast off into the void, scoring you end game point. One port needs one human from each of the four sectors, (marketing/communications, leaders/managers, engineers and healthcare) while the other just requires three from the same sector. Each sector is represented by one of four coloured Meeple.

Taking recruitment tiles, will place meeples on Earth. Taking the correct shuttle cards, whether it be from Earth or from Mars, will move the corresponding coloured meeple to their next destination. Getting a combination of the same colour recruitment tiles or shuttle cards will double, even triple the special abilities marked on them. Meaning combos can be very powerful, like a Death Star. And at the same time, you will never be stuck for an action to preform. Even if the shuttles won't take your meeple (maybe because they are smuggling Tribbles), you can jettison into space, some or all of the recruitment tiles. For each one discarded, you can preform a special action of your choice (hire a privet shuttle, fire a manager and recruit an engineer, gain some reputation for your corporation).

This is a small, compact game that shines like a beacon in space, with a theme of a space race to colonize the far flung reaches of the galaxy. It's a fluid drafting game that plays quicker than traveling through hyperspace and has some really cool retro artwork that looks like if came from a computer game in the late 80's. And when someone take that card you wanted, you'll be screaming, but no one will hear you because it's space, and it will be in your head.

It has just been released in Europe. Comes in 3 launguages (French, English and Korean) and can be found on the Philibert store. It will hopefully make it's way around the globe, later in the year. May it live long and prosper...