Half-Pint Heroes becomes a legacy game with new expansion

July 21, 2018 - 6:05pm
Corax Games is venturing into something new with their new expansion for Half-Pint HeroesHalf-Pint Heroes: Happy Hour is more than your typical expansion to a trick taking game.  While the expansion now accommodates up to 9 players, what makes this expansion unique is the legacy features the expansion adds to the game.  The expansion adds predictions to 8 and 9 player games, and those predictions determine which set of stickers the players will receive for the game. Throughout the game, players have opportunities to change the value of the cards and sometimes the rules of the game by affixing the stickers. The changes remain in effect from round to round until the end of the game.  Another unique feature with this legacy game is that the stickers are removable so the game can be reset to its original state. Half-Pint Heroes: Happy Hour plays 2-9 players, ages 9+, in about an hour. Contents include 8 Prediction Cards, 2 betting chips, 50 neon-colored sticker sheets, 5 reference sheets, and rulebook. Look for the game in Essen at SPIEL ’18 and in stores in December 2018.

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