Sweet Jenny by John Wick Presents

July 21, 2018 - 6:25pm
Experience the world of Theah in the 7th Sea in a whole new way.  In Sweet Jenny by John Wick Presents Gamble and bluff your way to riches as you play card games akin to poker, blackjack and threecard monte. Mystery cards let you trade for a higher hand and character cards give you an edge while breaking a rule! Each round, the highest hand wins the ante. When one person is out of coins then the game ends and the person with the most coins wins the game.  Take a break from the intricacies of the RPG without leaving the 7th Sea Realm in this quick enjoyable card game! The Game includes 52 Cards, 6 Character cards, 18 Coin tokens and a Rulebook. It will be released in September 2018.