Z-Man Announces Pandemic 10th Anniversary Edition

July 20, 2018 - 7:11am
Z-Man Games celebrates a decade of curing diseases with a special 10th Anniversary Edition of Pandemic. Steve Kimball, Z-man’s Head of Studio, made sure that this edition of Pandemic would be something truly special.  First, the game comes in a custom metal box shaped like the early 20th century first aid kits.  This beautiful case is a fitting display item, and it comes special gaskets that will allow you to mount it on the walls of your game room. Second, at long last, each of the Pandemic character roles has a highly detailed plastic figure. These are based on the 2nd edition character designs and have been painted in a wash to bring out the details. Next, like the 1st edition, this edition will include wooden cubes and wooden cure markers screen printed with the virus symbols.  Keeping with the vintage look of the game box, the game will feature all-new art and graphic design throughout.  The role cards have been converted to large ID badges complete with updated character art from the second edition, profile data, and even fingerprints.  The gameboard is bigger, and custom screen printed Petri dishes round out all the fine touches and upgrades to this popular game. As a bonus, there is even an offer of pre-painted figures while supplies last for pre-orders.  Read about more about this edition or Steve Kimball’s inspiration for the special edition at Z-Man Games.  You can see Pandemic 10th Anniversary on display at GENCON and in stores in Q4 this year.

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