When In Rome - A Voice Original by Amazon Alexa

July 18, 2018 - 6:32am
Alexa can tell you the news, play your music and be an assistant chef helping you with recipes - now she can be your own personal game show host! Introducing When In Rome - a board game powered by Alexa. Grab the game from Amazon and once it's in your hands just ask Alexa. She will tell you how to play and act as your pilot flying you to locations all over the world. You answer questions from real people in places around the world. Answer the questions correctly to get Explorer Points and earn Souveniers to win. The game has over 600 questions and 20+ hours of interactive dialogue and Alexa remembers what she's asked which will keep the game fresh and exciting. Innovation meets classical gaming with this revolutionary game sure to be an entertaining pastime. The board game is available from amazon and the skill is free to download on the Alexa App. Don't have an Echo device? No worries - you can use the app on your smartphone too!