Hardback Now Available As An App in both iOS and Android

July 8, 2018 - 10:27am
Hardback the word building pre-quill to Paperback by Fowers Games is available on iOS Universal and Android.  Both Burgle Brothers and Paperback have successfully made their way from our tabletops to our tablets.  And Hardback is following in their footsteps. Hardback has an elegant 19th century theme boasting 4 genres with unique abilities.  There are multiple game variants to explore as you build words and earn prestige in your race to the finish. Earn coins to build your deck and press your luck by drawing new cards. Any card can be used as a wild, but choose wisely as you lose that card's ability. Play as AI, Pass and Play, and Online for your perfect challenge. This app is $5 on both iOS and Android.