Eagle-Gryphon Games launches huge Kickstarter for Kids Games for Adults

July 2, 2018 - 7:15pm
Eagle-Gryphon Games recently acquired the rights to publish Nut Job, a memory game designed for adults to play with kids but clever enough to challenge board game hobbyists.  Nut Job fits neatly into a category of game Eagle-Gryphon Games calls Kids Games for Adults (KGFA).  KGFA games are fun, fast to play and encourage creativity.  They can be played by kids/kids; adults/kids; adults/adults and they work well for all of these combos. The rules are generally very short, and the games are quick to learn and have lots of replayability. Eagle-Gryphon Games owners, Joanne and Rick Soued, having been former educators as well, have used games in the classroom, for after-school clubs, and for social, seniors and university groups.  The "Kids Games for Adults" Kickstarter is tied directly into their Knowledge in a Box program and series of games, which was developed to help schools and libraries become vibrant learning centers, welcoming the students and patrons who are looking for a place to learn, play and socialize. While the Nut Job is the feature game supported by the KGFA Kickstarter campaign, Eagle-Gryphon Games has included the entire Knowledge in a Box series of games in the various pledge levels. These pledge level bundles are conveniently grouped by theme and age levels. In addition to picking up Nut Job and the expansion A Nuttier Job, backers can also pick up Incan Gold, Cheeky Monkey, Arthur Saves the Planet: One Step at a Time, Stoplights, Birds on a Wire, Pick-a-Pig, Botswana, Cowtown, Worm Up, SWAT!, SiXeS, Number Please!, Take it Easy!, Bazaar, Pizza Theory, Cornucopia, Cheesonomics, Why Did the Chicken..., Petite Pastiche, Masters Gallery, Karesansui and the Karesansui: Weeds expansion. Backers will also have the option to purchase these games as add-ons to the Kickstarter campaign if they do not want the bundle of games included in the pledge level.  Eagle-Gryphon Games is including a nice selection of additional games not included in the pledge level as add-on purchases. These additional add-ons include For Sale, Looting London, Gem Dealer, Cubist, Empires: Age of Discovery, Fleet and Fleet: Arctic Bounty expansion, Money!, Nika, Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age, Salmon Run, and Take it Higher! Read more about Kids Games for Adults (KGFA) and Knowledge in a Box on Eagle-Gryphon Games Kickstarter Campaign.  The Kickstarter runs until July 15th with all games guaranteed to be delivered by October 31st.

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