New Tarkin Initiative Labs Skirmish Map for Star Wars: Imperial Assault

July 1, 2018 - 9:42am
Fantasy Flight Games has just released a map for Star Wars: Imperial Assault that gives players a new secret facility to battle through. This 26" by 26" map depicts the secret facility of the Tarkin Initiative- this secret group of nefarious Imperialists that designed the Death Star battle stations and other horrors to inflict on the Empire throughout the galaxy.  Work your way around and through the Tarkin Initiative Labs Skirmish Map and have epic battles while at the same time keeping all your cards and game components organized on this slip resistant mat. The map also comes with two new skirmish cards to add to your game play. Players battle to stop a rogue AI or explore the facility and collect the advanced weaponry abandoned there. The Tarkin Initiative has been hidden for decades and now its secrets are available for you to discover.