The Ninth World

June 27, 2018 - 6:01am
The Ninth World, set to be released soon from Monte Cook Games, takes players to a billion years in the future. This card game invites players to explore the world as clever Jack, courageous Glaive or powerful Nano. Along the way, players can improve characters  with treasures of prior worlds. The card game blends technology tree advancement, bidding and deckbuilding. It can be a solo game, and played with up to 5 players competitively or cooperatively. The play time is between 30-60 minutes and for ages 14 and up. The base game comes with 12 modifiable heroes, 45 region cards, 48 town cards and 60 wilderness cards, 2 special dice, 120 skill cards, 1 monolith, hero tokens, quest tokens, bid shields, the innovative valor board and map and the gamebook. Find out more here