Now on Kickstarter from Kolossal Games, Combo Fighter

June 27, 2018 - 6:09am
Kolossal Games, together with Plotmaker Games, have their inaugural game up on Kickstarter called Combo FighterCombo Fighter is a card game rendition of arcade fighting games like Street Fighter 2 and Virtua Fighter where two players are fighting each other to see who is the best.  This game, however, pays special attention to one aspect of those kinds of games, and that is multi hit combos. In Combo Fighter you will each have a deck of cards specific to the fighter to have chosen, and on your turn you will be playing a card down to try and attack your opponent.  Using a simple rock-paper-scissors type weakness chart you will see who lands the hit, and from there the combo begins.  Whoever landed the hit can then play additional cards to stack on more damage, but in order to play the additional cards you have to match the combo icons on the previously played card.  This allows you to land multiple hits in a row to maximize your damage, but this comes with a drawback.  That drawback is that your deck is your life, so the more cards you play the quicker you push yourself to being able to be defeated, but the risk is worth it to get your opponent to discard more cards from their deck.  Empty your opponent's deck and then land one final hit to get the knockout! Each fighter in the game has their own deck of cards with it's only attacks and defenses, as well as a unique card make-up, similar to how arcade fighters had different strengths and weaknesses.  Each fighter also has special combos and powers that if you perform the sequence on them you will do even more damage than you can with cards alone.  The base box which comes with two fighters will run you $15 plus shipping, up the count to four costs you $30 plus shipping, and getting the full roster of 8 fighters will cost $55 plus shipping.  The game also comes with rules for tag matches and free for all modes so you can play the game with more than just two people.  So if you want to re-live arcade fighters in a card game, check out the campaign page.