Gravity Warfare on Kickstarter!!

June 22, 2018 - 7:43am
Gravity Warfare - Gaming On A Whole New Level by Smart Iguana Games is rolling steady on Kickstarter. The  game is one of physics and take-that, press-your-luck strategy and has already met its goal! The story behind this game is incredibly nostalgic. The creators are all siblings taking a game their father gave to them years ago, developing it and fine-tuning it together.  I love the kindred spirit involved in the process of bringing Gravity Warfare to the world. Looking at the game play you can see how this game would quickly become a party favorite. The self-balancing game board is neat enough, but the take-that mechanic that lets you control the difficulty of everyone else in the game is the perfect element for a party, or maybe some sibling rivalry! Then, add the physics and the press-your-luck, (can I make the game pieces do this?) part of the game gives an element of strategy and skill that would make this a great game for everyone. This is definitely a game that could become a go to for families and friends and anyone up for a challenge! You can click here to check out more about it and fund it.