Looney Labs Announces 6 New Expansions and 2 New Fluxxes

June 20, 2018 - 6:08am
Looney Labs has been busy! And I'm excited about what they have in store for us later this summer. With the new Star Trek 12 card Bridge Expansion you can take your Star Trek Fluxx and Star Trek: TNG Fluxx to a whole new level with the ability to take control of either Enterprise and new goals that allow for all new meetups in the game! The Firefly Fluxx Upgrade Pack has two new Keepers (Yolanda and Jubal Early) along with six new goals in which they are needed. There are also new copies of the Reavers and Hands of Blue with upgraded abilities. That's 10 new cards to add to your Firefly Fluxx. Another expansion becoming available is the 10 card Monty Python Fluxx: Black Knight Expansion. With the Black Knight's appearance in the game no one will be able to say that its, " just a flesh wound!" And no one will win the game either. That is unless one of the six new goals says you can! Along with the Black Knight is Tim The Enchanter who causes things to explode and some new rules. Making this Fluxx even more entertaining! Looney Labs has also brought Creepers back to the basic game with the Creeper Pack. These 16 cards bring back the famed Radioactive Potato along with War, Death, Taxes and all the goals, actions and rules relating to these cards. Do you want to make the game of Fluxx your own? Well now you can! the Fluxx Blanxx pack is available now and lets you do just that! These 10 blank cards allow you to add your own elements to any game edition! With 2 Keepers, 1 Creeper, 4 Goals, 1 Action, 1 Rule and even a Surprise Card you can always keep your friends guessing at what might come next! I don't know about you all, but I'd love to see a Doctor Who Fluxx update and until that comes I could use these Fluxx Blanxx to make my own! We all love Fluxx! But Looney Labs has even more in store for us! Nanofictionary Blanks Expansion is a way to bring even more creativity and imagination to your story telling! These 12 cards and a marker are all you need to bring more life and character to your amazing tales. Best of all the art in the game was deliberately black and white style drawings so that 'at home' cards would fit right in! With the Zendo Rules Expansion #1 the game will get 10 new secret rule cards that add 45 new rules. Keep testing your skills at logic with 1 easy rule card, 4 medium rule cards and 5 difficult rule cards. The Gore Expansion for Chrononauts is coming back ...in time... allowing players to change elections, stop 9/11, and change the past to alter the future. This expansion includes 5 new timeline cards, 3 patches and 3 new identities that depend on the new events and takes the game out to the year 2008. Just Desserts has 2 expansions already available Just Coffee and Better With Bacon. Each come with 6 new Edibles and 4 New Customers.  Add some caffeine to your game with Just Coffee adding delicious desserts like Tiramasu and fun new characters like Mr. Jitters. Better With Bacon adds sweets like fan favorite Maple Bacon Donuts and characters like Abraham Bacon! Mary Engelbreit's beautiful art is coming to Looney Labs and a game table near you! Fairytale Fluxx brings Mary Engelbreit's art to the zany, ever changing game of Fluxx. Find the right mix of fairytale Keepers for your Goal but watch out for those Creepers. The Witch and Wolf are out to get you...Mary Engelbreit's whimsical artwork is now also gracing the cards of the latest version of Loonacy!  This is a fast paced game of matching and being quicker than your opponents but you may not want to play as fast as you admire these beautiful illustrations! Mary's artwork and Looney Labs games is a match made in gaming heaven! Check out all these fun expansions Looney Labs has in store here.