Cute social deduction in Hidden Panda on Kickstarter

June 13, 2018 - 6:15am
Jellybean Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Hidden Panda, the latest game from designer Peter C. Hayward (known for The Lady and the Tiger), and with art by Kellie Jo (known for Ninjitsu!). Hidden Panda is a family-friendly, social deduction game for 5-8 players, aged 8+, which plays in 20-30 minutes. Players take on one of 4 roles as part of two teams. They can be a panda who is hiding from the bandits and trying to get back their babies. Other players can be the bandits who are trying to steal the babies. A single player can also be the keeper, who protects the pandas and subtly lets them know that they're there to help. Grandma, who is also played by a single player, is there to lead the team, help the pandas, and distract the bandits. Each turn, players try to hand baby pandas to their teammates without giving away their role. While Grandma and the Keeper are trying to help the hidden pandas, the bandits are trying to capture the hidden pandas in nets. The game has no player elimination as all players keep playing even when they're netted in a vote (which prevents them collecting baby pandas but allows them to keep voting to help their team). The simple roles, straightforward win condition, cute theme, and short play time should make this game very appealing to younger players. The Kickstarter campaign includes exclusive wooden, baby panda tokens and allows you to add-on prior games released by Jellybean Games. A base pledge of $23 (excluding shipping, which is only to certain countries) nets you Hidden Panda along with all it's stretch goals. The campaign is running until Friday, July 6th, 2018, and is expected to ship June 2019.  
Antoine Fortuin

Bitten by a common house spider, Antoine emerged with the uncanny ability to buy more games than he had time to play. While living in the hills of Tennessee, USA, he tries to balance software development, family, and his multiple, competing hobbies. He hopes to someday discover a pocket dimension in which to store his games