On Kickstarter: A coffee table book about board games

June 13, 2018 - 6:02am
For all you board game collectors out there like me who don't have time to play the games on your shelves, now you can do the next-best thing – read about them. A gorgeous hardcover book celebrating the 2018 year of board games is now looking for funding on Kickstarter. An experienced group of gaming journalists has joined forces to create "The Board Game Book" – a 250+ page digest filled with insights and analysis as well as in-depth interviews with some of the most popular board game designers in the business. With dedicated chapters on family games, party games, strategy games, and more, this book is a valuable resource for all gamers, from experienced players to new entrants into the hobby. The book contains more than 100 critical write-ups of 2018's best games, supporting the stories with stunning full-color game photography. In addition, the book contains chapters dedicated to RPGs and miniature wargames, written by expert authors.

Rather than mechanical details, we'll focus on how games feel: the decisions they throw at players, the atmosphere they foster around the table, and how their creators have melded ideas and influences to create compelling gameplay experiences.

A 20-page, work-in-progress draft of the book is available for perusal on the Kickstarter page. The final book will be available in both a digital and hardback version. About the authors Owen Duffy – board game journalist for The Guardian, Tabletop Gaming Magazine, Ars Technica, VICE, and IGN. Matt Thrower – author of the Haynes Tabletop Gaming Manual and a contributor to The Guardian, IGN, PC Gamer, and Shut Up & Sit Down. Teri Litorco – contributing editor at Geek & Sundry and author of The Civilized Guide To Tabletop Gaming. Richard Jansen-Parkes – roleplay gaming writer for Tabletop Gaming Magazine and publisher of RPG adventures at Winghorn Press.