See the upcoming Santorini app in action

June 9, 2018 - 1:48am

Roxley Game Laboratory has posted four videos to their Facebook page that give some of the first glimpes of the Santorini app in action.  The board game version of Santorini released in 2016 and the gaming community immediately embraced the attractive, three-dimensional abstract strategy game. The base game is clever and challenging in its own right, but the game really comes to life as players choose from a wide variety of Greek Gods who each grant a certain ability. The app portrays the Greek Gods in vivid detail and as you play the game, the building pieces come crashing down from the sky as if Athena herself was choosing the location on the board. The app is still in final development so all visuals and gameplay are subject to change. What are you waiting for? Embody Hermes and race over to the Roxley Facebook page to check out the game in action.